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103 series


Construction of buildings of this series was started in early 1970s but the last projects of this type were implemented as late as in 1990s.
 Buildings of this series are built from bricks and prefab panels. The load-bearing walls are made of bricks, which provides for better heat insulation. The other walls are made of prefab panels enabling redesigning the lodging, 103 Series flats is quite practical and comfortable, that because this series apartaments are one of most demanded for rent and buying.
The buildings of this series are mainly five storeys high, with individual exceptions in the city centre where seven- and eight-storey buildings are also found.
Buildings of this series are mainly situated in the districts of Teika, Darzciems, Bolderaja, Purvciems un Daugavgriva.


  • Less problem with heat insulation; 
  • The flat can be redesigned; 
  • A comparatively good construction quality; 
  • A sufficiently practical and comfortable layout; 
  • Comparatively large rooms. 


  • Limited quantity of buildings in this series; 
  • Not all houses have loggias.

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Apartment plans

1 room, 34m2
2 rooms, 51m2
3 rooms, 66m2