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602 series


Buildings in this series were built from mid 1970s until early 1980s when they were replaced by buildings of the 119 Series.

Buildings of the 602 Series are large-sized panel buildings with nine storeys (there are also buildings with 6 storeys), with their load-bearing structures formed of wall panels made from claydite concrete and reinforced concrete floor slabs.

Buildings of these series are mainly situated in the districts of Purvciems, Mezciems, Imanta, Plavnieki, Ziepniekkalns, Vecmilgravis, Ilguciems.

Daily City Real Estate offer to clients more then 50 apartments in this series buildings.


  • A comfortable lodging layout (in particular for double room flats); 
  • More comfortable and spacious stairway and auxiliary lodging premises. 


  • Building walls may freeze through (in particular end walls); 
  • External walls may not be damp-proof: microscopic cracks may form in the panels; 
  • Minimal rebuilding options.

Used literature for information prepare:
www.lv.wikipedia.org , Article
„Many storey residental areas in Riga”

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Apartment plans

1 room, 35m2
2 rooms, 41m2
2 rooms, 49m2
3 rooms, 63m2
4 rooms, 73m2
5 rooms, 78m2