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Breznev project


First buildings in this series were built during the term of ruling by L. Brezhnev, whence they are so called. Buildings of Brechnev and Khruschov are very alike, with apartaments plannings, and  with materials used for it building. Building of Brezhnev unlike Khruschov  have  larger windows and  high ceilings. Buildings are 5 storeys. Each apartment have either balcony, or loggia. Walls are built using silicate bricks for older buildings, panel blocks were later used instead.  The flats are small, with communicating rooms. Isolated rooms are rare. In this project in all apartments toilet facilities are seperated


  • Less problem with heat insulation; 
  • The flat can be redesigned; 
  • A comparatively good construction quality;
  • High ceilings and large windows .

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Apartment plans

1 room, 22m2
2 rooms, 47m2
3 rooms, 60m2
4 rooms, 72m2